Mixed Media Art

  • Artist
Collage, Painting, Wood Block Stamping, Natural & Found Object Stamping, Printmaking, Assemblage
Dioramas, Installation Art, Sculpture, Wall Art, Wearable Art

Paper, textile, and craft are elements informing my work. The art and design movements Art Nuevue, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, and the Bauhaus give me a rich foundation of inspiration.


Personal Statement

I first started collecting images for collages from my parent's gigantic National Geographic collection. The other magazines readily available to me were Vague, The Newyorker, and Rolling Stone. My early work centered on colliding images from western-centric pop culture with images of poverty, beauty, nature, and indigenous peoples mixed with rock stars and pop icons. Though my understanding of things like National Geographics glimpse into other places in the world is far more western-centric than I had any concept at the time, the tensions of global sociopolitical issues remain a strong theme. As I continue diversifying mediums, clip art will remain part of my lifelong love for paper arts.