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Free Verse Poetry, Spoken Word, Narrative Poetry, Expository Non-Fiction

I’m a poet with roots in slam and spoken word. I now explore identity and catharsis through creative writing that is meant to be read out loud. I aspire to short stories as well as a full autobiography in coming years.


Personal Statement

When I was a child my father read books aloud to my brother and I every night for many years — everything from the Lord of the Rings to Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. Hearing stories and poetry out loud is still my favorite, and I've always done my best writing when I know it's going to be read for an audience. My first exposure to poetry was through spoken word and slam poetry. When I was thirteen, I saw Sherman Alexie and Saul Williams battle in slam poetry finals, and it radically changed my life. Recently I've started dabbling in fiction and am greatly enjoying it.