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Who is overpassing who?

The Falling Dream

I call this petroglyph “The Kick." Rmember in the movie INCEPTION the sudden fall that awakens from the dream?

Love Minus zero/no limit

On the theme of FAILURE I cannot help post some selected verses of Bob Dylan’s classic song of love and melancholy.

Some speak of the future My love, she speaks softly She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no success at all.


Is this a love / hate relationship?

What is it like for you to revise? How do you do it? Do you revise? What an absurd question, "Do you revise?"

Are characters real people?

The element of surprise and transcendence in fiction.

A number of you have shared your experiences with your characters. Particularly in response to my question about writing a first draft. You conveyed the wilds of the first draft. You said that your characters often surprise you, or you just watch them and write down what they say and do. I am intensely interested in this topic. I would like to hear more about your experiences.

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