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What's your travel philosophy?

I think about this a lot and I’m curious as to why others travel and how you approach a new place. Is is a running from, or a going to? What experiences do you look for in a new place? What things do you find yourself noticing? How do you get to meet people? With what intention do you leave your home to go to someone else’s?

All thoughts and musings welcome!

You don't need to be a fancy white lady to engage in self care, and while it can be nice to treat yourself to something special once in awhile, I'm not convinced that's what self care actually is. Self care is making time and space for yourself to do something that brings you joy.

I wrote another thing  — self care is not a new concept to me, but I’m trying to shift my mentality with it. I’d love to hear how other people approach self care, and what some of your favourite self care practices are.

Adam Frank
The biosphere will handle pretty much anything we throw at it. Where that leaves humans is a different question.

Our planet does not need our saving. The biosphere has endured cataclysms far worse than us — and after millions of years thrived again. Even the Earth’s five fearsome mass extinctions became opportunities for the biosphere’s creativity, driving new rounds of evolutionary experiments. That, after all, is how we big-brained mammals ended up dominating the Earth rather than our dinosaur predecessors. As the great biologist Lynn Margulis once put it, “Gaia is a tough bitch.” In the long term, the biosphere will handle pretty much anything we throw at it, including climate change.

What Earth’s history does make clear, however, is that if we don’t take the right kind of action soon the biosphere will simply move on without us, creating new versions of itself in the changing climate we’re generating now. So we must be honest. The problem is not saving the Earth or life writ large, but saving our cherished civilization. From that perspective the nature of our choices changes significantly.

If you are anything like me, meditation is something you've known about for years, you're vaguely interested, and think it might eventually help you focus or relieve stress and anxiety (and who doesn't need that?). But actually sitting down and doing it consistently is hard, in fact building any new habit is hard.

I wrote a thing!

Has anyone else listened to the most recent RadioLab episode on consent? I’d love to hear thoughts, personally I found it both validating, heart-breaking, and …unsurprising.

Kaitlin Prest had a lot of things to say about the word "No." And on her podcast "The Heart," she said them in a way we couldn't shake. Today, we talk to Kaitlin, and hear her story.
Keith Collins
Facebook has been plagued with disinformation posts placed by foreign operatives. Can you tell the difference between a real post and one designed to fool you?

I seem to be in a link sharing mood. I found this absolutely fascinating and it was a great reminder to be insanely critical of what we find on the internet. The subtlety of the divisive language patterns is insane, and only really obvious when they’re put side-by-side with others.

Like the Resisters and Aztlan Warriors pages, Black Elevation had a corresponding Twitter account, @black_elevation, that was identified this year as part of a Russian influence operation.

Mimicking groups like Black Lives Matter to sow divisions among Americans is a well-known strategy of Russian influence operations. Hundreds of the Facebook ads bought by Russian trolls, removed from the social network last year and released by Congress in May, were clearly meant to incite racial tension.

How do you all stay grounded during big life transitions?

Moves, career changes, lifestyle changes, deaths, births, I want to hear it all!